What carbohydrates do to us

Written by peter

16. 5. 2021


Today, I wanna talk about carbohydrates and the detriment they cause to our bodies. It’s is so broad topic that I can’t possibly mention everything. I will do my best though. Of course, I’m talking about abusing them and, also, about highly processed ones. You know very well when we eat we put to our bloodstream fat, protein, and carbohydrates in form of sugar-glucose. Because of this, a hormone called Insulin is elevated to some degree. If we eat a lot of carbs Insulin is spiked really high and, in dependence on glycemic index and insulinogenic of food, we can get from hyperinsulinemia, right after eating, to hypoinsulinemia, half an hour to one hour after a meal. Constant high Insulin from our diet causes a lot of trouble in our bodies. It is a cause (or is behind) of almost all civilization diseases today.

Civilization diseases

  1. Diabetes is the first. No brainer there, right?
  2. Cancer or, at least, a huge percentage of it (could be new to u)
  3. Alzheimer (sometimes called Diabetes type III)
  4. High cholesterol and LDL problems with it
  5. In some cases also hypo nutrition in our body and contributes to many other health conditions


Nobody will be surprised when I mention obesity, right? Times, when doctors tried to persuade us sugar, doesn’t cause obesity and diabetes but fat is the enemy are gone but many dinosaurs are still old school guys thought old way and that is not good for us. Sugar is exactly that villain that causing it. In the 60s huge carb/fat-causing obesity and diabetes research was done. Big food companies underpaid researchers to blame fat for all of that and they were successful with their, fake, explanation. Fat really causes obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc, because carbohydrates are the preferential fuel of our bodies. It is true, but why? Carbohydrates are unusual in nature for us. They are just seasonal. It is so inefficient fuel for us that body wanna burn it first and store fat (a lot better and cleaner fuel) for later, for worse times because we can get longer without food when we burn fat as our primary fuel source. Dietary fat is also so similar to ours that our body loses no energy to transfer it for storage.

Carbohydrates via de novo lipogenesis

On the other hand, carbs are so different that they need to be changed to fat and then stored and it cost a lot of energy. So why not burn them first, for energy, and to store fat? Are you getting a picture? They tell you just a half of the truth and then fat looks like a villain but it’s not. In nature is fat always going hand in hand with protein and that combination is OK. The problem starts when we add carbs into the mix. That problem is glycation or AGE but that is a topic for another day. I have to confess. I pictured Insulin in bad colors. I made him a villain and guilty of everything. It is not exactly true. Did u ever think or heard about the situation when some very clever but bad guy used a very good but dumb guy? What I mean is Insulin (good dumb guy) is trying to help us by taking sugar-glucose (clever bad guy) from our blood down to a normal, desirable level. So real bad guy is glucose, in our blood, causing all those troubles. Poor Insulin is there just to protect us from immediate danger. Diabetics know what high sugar in the blood cause. What kind of big danger it is.

The bad Estrogen and AGE

From a longer point of view is just bad for us anyway. Insulin causes obesity and that is a bad estrogen maker state. Many other diseases are made because of that. What is glucose causing in our body then? Why is so bad for us to have such a high level of it? Glucose and highly refined food cause AGE. No, it’s not age as getting older but Advanced Glycation End product. Sugar behaves inside the same as outside. It’s sticky! It sticks together with protein, fat, DNA pieces, everything that contact with. For the body is very hard to get rid of that AGE. In the early stages is possible fairly enough. The body just urine it out but later, because of a lot of glucose every day, is more and more difficult or impossible. We can fight it with some drugs or fasting. When we fast our body will get to the state of autophagy which is the recycling process of our body. All bad shit is gathered into the cell, destroyed into basic building blocks, and then used where the body needs it. There is one big catch there though.

Not everything can be destroyed. Something like you put all your food leftovers from yesterday into the oven, to make the new, delicious, dish but the oven is dirty after the process. If a cell needs to do that many and many times over and over again that mess will build-up to the point when the cell is full of that residue after recycling and the game is over for the cell. We lose time and health on the planet Earth by this and we could prevent it very easily. Just don’t eat so much sugar, hidden sugar, processed carbs, fast food, and, mostly, a combination of carb-fat, carb-protein, or carb-fat-protein!!! I know it’s easy to say but… Our society is like that but u have to decide what u gonna choose. Life or earlier death!? Does sugar cause diabetes??? Many doctors claimed that sugar doesn’t cause diabetes in the past but many of them still forcing this agenda so let’s look at that. When carbohydrate is ingested our body does breaks it down into glucose (not in fiber case). Glucose, in our blood, triggers Insuline because glucose is very detrimental to our blood vessels, causing AGE, etc. It’s a poison in a huge amount.

We do a huge amount of it. The average person has around 31 tsp of glucose daily. We need just one!!! But let me finish the glucose story. Insulin takes all glucose from the bloodstream and distributes it, as fuel, into cells. When all cells are full Insulin stores them into the liver and whatever storage it uses. When all storage space is full Insuline has other great function to change glucose to triglycerides means fat and store it, u guessed, belly, butt, thighs, etc. The gland Pancreas creates Insuline. When we eat a lot of carbs, a lot of insulin is created and Pancreas is overworking. When we eat many times daily Insulin is elevated many times and always bouncing and hitting cells. After a long time of constant hitting cells, they start to be resistant to Insulin and they don’t let Insulin penetrate a cell’s wall and feed them. That state is called Insulin resistance and it’s a natural defense mechanism to protect cells from overfeeding. That causes that Insulin has more glucose in its hands that it has to convert into even more fat.

The cell is inside empty, hungry, screaming for food, sending a signal to Pancreas for more Insulin to feed them, because of cells emptiness, we are hungry and we eat more so Pancreas is making tons of Insulin which does just changing glucose to fat but not feeding closed cells. That is the vicious cycle and Pancreas is just producing and producing and producing and we have even 8 times more insulin than normal. After a while, overproducing and overworking Pancreas stop producing Insulin. The Pancreas is damaged, destroyed, dead. Welcome to the diabetes world. So now you tell me! Does sugar cause diabetes??? What is going on with diabetes and cutting legs off!!! Like I explained before glucose is damaging our blood vessels. When Pancreas stops producing Insulin, glucose stays in our blood. Glucose looks like a little crystal (I oversimplified). That crystal scratches our blood vessels’ walls, mostly in our legs and fingertips, and causes damages and later breakages. Why legs and fingertips, u may ask? It’s because there are the smallest and tiniest veins and it takes not much to damage them.

Also, they are far from our heart so blood pressure is lower there, a heart can’t pump so much blood there. Try to focus on your feet after a high-carb meal. You will feel such ants in your toes. That is glucose damaging your capillaries (tiny blood vessels). After some time capillaries are destroyed, blood is not circulating in toes, the tissue becomes necrotic, amputation of toes, later same pattern with legs. You get the picture, right??? The body has a natural defense against that but just to some degree. If there is too much glucose in our veins, too much damage is done, high LDL level our body creates. As I said, glucose looks like a crystal (kind of) and that is why damaging our veins wall. Scratches them, making little, microscopical breakages. LDL goes there to patch them and help us. It’s the very sticky guy. It has to be like this to patch those holes and this is his bad reputation. Why? Because everything that is flowing aside sticks with it and makes a bigger bunch of substance and when we put sticky glucose into that equation it’s even deadlier.

When that bunch of shit grows too much blood flow is stopped and what happened to that tissue that is not nourished with blood??? Yes, of course, it’s gonna be necrotic. Dead!! LDL is not bad! It’s is not a villain! It’s a good guy in a crime scene. The real villain is high glucose in the blood!!! There is an all-panel of LDLs. There is just one, the smallest one, that u don’t wanna have but others are very necessary for us so don’t buy that nonsense LDL is bad. Improve your blood sugar and u will be fine with high LDL. Trust me on that!!!


So let’s jump straight into it. As I mentioned in my last post, HBS (high blood sugar), causes nutrient deficiency. When we have no nutrients and a lot of bad guys (sugar, toxins, poisons, UV light, AGE) guess what is gonna happen??? Yes, we gonna get some of those diseases that I mentioned before. In many cases more than one!!! So let’s start with diabetes. When u don’t have another disease this method fix and prevents almost all of them. DON’T EAT SUGAR!!! I know, no brainer here, and u expected something else and I will provide it as well. At least for some time (a few months) don’t eat carbohydrates and especially those heavily processed! U have to teach your body to burn fat instead of glucose. I’m not talking about leafy veggies but fruits are NO-NO except avocados, olives, limes, or lemons. Yes, it’s a Ketogenic diet. I know we can’t fix diabetes type1 but type2 is totally fixable in this way.

Even type1 will reduce exogenous Insulin to half (even more) with this approach. Fasting is very important. I know it’s impossible to do fasting too much with type1 but at least as much as you can. Do that gradually, slowly extending minutes, then hours from last meal to first one. We need our body to be sensitive Insulin and fasting is the best remedy for it. Supplements are also important here. Everything that makes u Insuline sensitive is good. Some of them are Insuline and fasting mimickers.

Blood sugar

For blood sugar regulation is good:

  • Metformin (prescription needed)
  • Dihydroberberine
  • EGCG
  • Yerba Mate
  • ACV
  • Ginger
  • Kayenne pepper
  • Ceylon Cynamon

Glucose absorption

For better absorption of glucose, that we still get, to the right place (cells) is good:

  • Chromium
  • Nutritional Yeast (natural B complex)
  • Zink
  • Magnesium
  • vit. D
  • Coffee (caffeine)
  • Pyridoxamine

Thyroid function

To help thyroid function for better metabolism:

  • Selenium
  • Iodin

Ketogenic water losing

Because u will be in a ketogenic state u will lose a lot of water by fat burning so u need also:

  • Potassium (citrate, chloride)
  • Sodium-Chloride (sea, Himalayan salt)

I just scratched the surface of that problem but for a start, it’s more than enough. The point is to start, and better even before you will get into that trouble.

Cancer and sugar

Of course, there is a lot to say about that “bad” sugar. Sugar triggers mTOR a lot and that means growth. When we trigger our body’s growth mechanism, all tissues grow. Good, bad, or ugly. Cancer as well! Refined table sugar is even worse because of Deuterium to addition but that is another rabbit hole that I don’t wanna get into. Cancer is living on sugar (fermentation). If there is no sugar it changes its food source to Glutamine. That’s why it’s very hard to get rid of cancer. That’s not true cancer lives or starts to grow in an acidic environment. Cancer causes or creates an acidic environment. Did you ever see cancer patients? I’m sure you did. They are very thin. Cancer eats all energy, glucose, which is made from carbohydrates, protein, fat. A cancer cell is very, very, very hungry. The cancer cell has thousands of more receptors for ingestion comparing our cells.

It steals all energy from our blood to feed itself and our cells are starving. That huge hunger is also a huge disadvantage for cancer. Do u remember I mentioned cancer is very hungry?. It needs a lot of food and that’s why can’t live a long time without food. Our cells are a lot better in this way. They can survive a lot longer without food than cancer. Even that’s why we were able to survive a long period of no food in our history. Cancer can’t do that. When we do fasting, especially prolonged fasting, cancer can’t survive such a condition and die. We can survive with some supplements, that don’t feed cancer, for a long time. That is a really simple cancer remedy that our medicine doesn’t look at. Why??? Because it’s cheap and everybody can afford to do that!!! This method works just on 80% of cancers though. Is it not enough? It sounds great to me. Now, look what they feed cancer patients in the hospital with. They give them bread, which is starch and changes into glucose within minutes in our bodies, green sweet jelly, sweet protein bars, jam, milk, and milk products which is lactose.

Should I continue? I don’t think so. That is exactly fuel for cancer, not a treatment! I gave you some thoughts about cancer and what causes it. You have to make your own conclusion. Do u know how to kill cancer almost on 100%?


Especially prolong fasting!!! Cancer cells are very hungry and that is their weakest point. When they don’t have anything to eat they die very quickly. Our cells can be hungry for a much longer time and survive. We can prolonge fasting, even more, when we implement supplements and adjuvants into the equation. When our cells get minerals and vitamins they basically don’t need anything else. That’s, of course, not forever. We need also protein and fat. We actually don’t need to ingest carbohydrates because our body is able to make glucose, which we need, from protein and fat thru Insulin. We need to replenish our storage once upon a time and then long fast again until is cancer gone. If you think it’s impossible, there is no evidence, studies, real medical treatment out there then you are almost right.

Supplements help

There are some, very few, small studies that show a beneficial effect of supplemental long fasting to fight cancer. They are not known to the public and nobody is gonna translate to the laic public. Usually, people don’t understand that science jargon. Even I have a problem not lose track and I don’t understand many things as well. I know quite a few people that healed from not treatable or from a last stage of cancer. Of course, they are just anecdotal cases. Or did u see a big study or medical treatment of cancer patients? I didn’t! It’s very cheap to heal cancer. Just don’t eat. Who’s gonna pay for those studies? Who’s gonna promote healing by fasting? There is no money in it. I wanna give u some types anyway. Cancer first attacks our cell’s vitamin D receptors.

That’s why we need to increase vitamin D intake for occupation all cell’s D receptors at all times to not let cancer go there. Cancer also changes its primary fuel. It wanna survives at all costs, right? Cancer lives on sugar, glucose, but when we don’t eat that cancer changes its food to Glutamine, one of the most common, non-essential, amino acids. It’s very, very difficult to avoid Glutamine in food. Is almost everywhere. There is one, still experimental, drug called DOM which, to some degree, suppresses Glutamine. There are promising study outcomes on that drug. U can check professor Thomas Seyfried from Boston College for that DOM drug research if u are interested. It is very interesting.


       Welcome to Alzheimer’s world. How much is high blood sugar contributing to Alzheimer’s? There is so much that high sugar does do to us. I think everybody knows what Alzheimer’s is. If not, here is a little summary. Hallucinations and delusions may come and go over the course of the illness. This can get worse as the condition progresses. You may become aggressive and suspicious of people around you.


Alzheimer symptoms

You may also develop other symptoms as the disease progresses, such as:

  • difficulty eating and swallowing (dysphagia)
  • difficulty changing position or moving around without help
  • weight loss – sometimes severe
  • unintentional passing of urine (urinary incontinence) or stools (bowel incontinence)
  • gradual loss of speech
  • significant problems with short- and long-term memory

In the severe stages, you may need full-time care with eating, moving, and personal care. All of these symptoms are developing for many years. Medicine always claims the cause of this disease is idiopathic (means unknown). Science recently starts to say otherwise though.  Researchers find out high blood glucose destroys small capillaries in the brain and the brain is not nourished properly anymore. They call it also diabetes type 3. Do you remember as I spoke about glucose crystals and how they destroy our blood vessels? This is the same!!! Totally different diseases, the same villain though!!! Alzheimer sometimes called diabetes type 3 is a brain disease. Small capillaries but also neurons are damaged with years of high blood glucose levels (not only but it’s the main reason). I don’t wanna repeat myself about Alzheimer’s’ symptoms. First I wanna say how to prevent it. Of course low carbohydrate diet or, at least, low carbohydrate for some period of time and then carb load! That’s a no-brainer. Another no-brainer is fasting.

When we do fasting we actually create new neurons and also make them work more efficiently by releasing a hormone called Brain-Derived Neurotrophic factor or shortly BDNF. What I wanna tell you now is that can use as a prevention as well as a remedy after u have that ugly disease.

Essential supplements

They are:

  • Benfotiamine – Fat-soluble derivate from water-soluble B1 Thiamine. It can penetrate a blood-brain barrier and that’s why to help a brain straight (300mg 2x a day)
  • Dihydroberberine – It’s 5x more absorbable for our body than usual Berberine and it helps to handle blood glucose lvl (500mg 3x a day)
  • Acetyl-L Carnitine – Studies are not so clear about it but I wouldn’t take any risk and I would implement 2x 1000mg daily
  • Metformin – It’s just for prescription but in this case, u will get it
  • Ginkgo biloba – Since I was a kid everybody was talking about how Ginkgo is good for the brain and especially Chineses
  • Vit. D
  • EGCG – One of the green tea chemicals (about 500mg 2x a day)
  • Yerba Mate
  • Coffee – one or two strong, black, freshly grounded daily
  • Ceylon Cinamon
  • Ginger
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Omega 3 – especially DHA (1000-2000mg a day)

Basically, all supplements that help regulate blood sugar are good. There are many more to implement but no one helps u without improving your diet!!! Try to not get to that state. What is once damaged in the brain is, in the high majority of cases, not reversible.

High blood sugar and hyponutrition




We need a lot of nutrients to metabolize sugar-glucose into the cell.


We need:

  • Zink
  • B1 Thiamine
  • B2 Riboflavin
  • B3 Niacin
  • B5 Pantothenic acid
  • B6 Pyridoxine
  • B7 Biotin
  • Folate
  • B12 Cobalamin
  • Selenium
  • Copper
  • Manganese
  • Chromium
  • Magnesium

I think there are more of them but these are the most important. Some more than another but all of them put their work into carbohydrates metabolization. Now u can see how much of everything is involved in the carbohydrates-sugar-glucose process to change it into energy. It’s unbelievable how much are carbohydrates hungry. Did you ever wonder why your fingernails have those white spots here and there? Looks like little white clouds on your nails. It’s a Zink deficiency.

Zink deficiency

When u eat a lot of carbs, mostly heavily refined carbs, sweets, a lot of Zink is involved in their metabolization, and you end up low in Zink. The same pattern is with B1. If you have a jet leg, when (mostly left leg) can’t rest, and when you sitting, it has to just move up and down, here and there, mostly very fast. Many such symptoms are from those deficiencies when all of those vitamins and minerals are depleted from your body because of sugar and that’s why they can’t be involved in other, vital for living, processes. Even that’s why we have so many diseases. Even that’s why we age prematurely and die prematurely.

High LDL

How to fix high LDL, or, do we need to fix it?. LDL has smaller and bigger particles. Research suggests that a key protein on LDL called apolipoprotein B (apo B) is an important contributor to heart disease risk. Advanced lipoprotein testing measures the size, distribution, and a number of these sub-particles as well as apo B. Ask your GP for that test. Then u will know what LDL u have. If bigger, puffier, one be happy and don’t do anything about that. If smaller, you have too many triglycerides and u need to get them down. Refined carbs and their combination with protein but mostly with fat is a deadly combination for the creation of triglycerides. If you don’t know what triglycerides are so it’s our fat. They are free fatty acids connected together by glycerol. Of course, fasting is the best to get rid of them but also not to eat a high carb diet and eat carbs separately. Not at the same time with protein and fat. We need some for healthy life but not the excess of them. Some very good tricks how to burn them as much as possible are:

  • Drink around 0,5l water a few minutes before exercise to speed up metabolism
  • Prior to exercise roll your all body over a foam roller. It’s gonna get blood to the place where u wanna burn fat
  • A mix of sauna and cold shover
  • Coffee pre and post-workout. Caffeine mobilizes fat pre-workout and significantly helps to utilize glucose into cells post-workout that doesn’t change to fat
  • EGCG from the green tea
  • Yerba Mate
  • Vit. C complex to let your veins walls healthy to not let LDL patch cracks in the vein walls

Basically, everything that regulates blood glucose is good. Don’t be worry about cholesterol. If there would be some problems with it, do you think our body would be making around 3000mg a day if we don’t get it from food? If you get it from your diet body doesn’t make it so much. We need cholesterol. Our body makes hormones from it.


So now you can see we have to decrease and calm down insulin to avoid all those life-threatening diseases by drastically lowering carbohydrates intake. There is no other way how to save ourselves other than that. I didn’t touch high protein intake as a cause of gluconeogenesis from protein because it is not so significant. Actually, in most cases, it is not significant at all. Eat your protein with fat and you will be more than OK. By this statement, I wrap this long article up and if you have any questions don’t hesitate and ask me in the comments section down below. Have a nice and long life without carbohydrates.

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