You Really Didn’t See Something Like NMN 

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29. 6. 2022

Did you ever imagine what your energy actually is? Where does it come from? That is the crucial part of longevity. I know, we always see such commercials with energy drinks, bars, snacks, etc. I’m not talking about that. I am talking about actual energy molecules in our cells, in our mitochondria. Even that is not precise because mitochondria create not store energy. They make it from NAD.


NAD (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide)


I know this article suppose to be about NMN (Nicotinamide Mono Nucleotide) but we have to know where it is come from and that is from the NAD molecule. NAD from ATP but it’s too much science which I’m not gonna talk about now.

Our NAD is what keed us living. When that molecule disappears we would be dead in a few seconds. At least scholars say that. This way or another it’s really very important to us and we have to do everything that is possible to keep it at a high level because, by aging, that level is declining. There is such a question here. If we keep our NAD level always high, wouldn’t we become immortal?


What is NAD Good For


Yes, I said already it’s for a long life but what kind of impact does it have, and what part of longevity pathways does it impact? It is fuel to all SIRTUINS (SIRT – Silent Information Regulator) or better booster, helper, very important for that and that’s why for our life and longevity as well but ever the time when we age, our needs for NAD increases but production of it naturaly decline so we have a double whammy here.

We need that NAD (energy currency) to create energy in mitochondria for repairing, fixing, and recovering our DNA which is daily bombarded by UV radiation, attacked by foreign invaders, or actually faults making processes in mitochondria during energy creation. Did you know there are about 10 000 faults daily in these processes? Mind-blowing, right? Shortly, we need it for everything, for living.

Imagine you have this fuel always, never declined, never exhausted, to have it permanently. Wouldn’t that be great? I agree you have to answer this question. I have my answer already. There is one problem though. NAD molecule is too big for absorption when we wanna take it as a supplement (NAD+). We get that energy currency from food but like I said our absorption or creation of NAD from food declines with aging. How to fix it then?


NMN Is the Answer



NMN increases that fuel, that NAD. It’s a precursor to NAD. It’s smaller and with proper protocol better-absorbed molecule than NAD. That is a huge advantage and the first step to permanent energy and that’s why the recovery of our organism, of our body. It’s also a rejuvenation molecule. When everything is repaired we actually turn back time on our biological clocks. Our wrinkles are gone or highly reduced because we had the energy to repair them. Our pain (inflammation) is gone because we had the energy to fix or fought back against an enemy that caused that. I’m not saying that NMNcan fix everything but it’s really huge contributor to that and it can do pretty a lot.


Possible Downside


There are some studies out there that show NMN depletes methyl group from our methyl pool (not good) but there are others that show it is not. Where is the truth? I truly don’t know. To not take a chance and push my luck I take really inexpensive supplement called TMG (TriMethylGlycine) as a donor of those possibly lost methyls. Somebody also uses Methyl Folate or/and B12 Methylcobalamine to do the same job but I found TMG more convenient and cheaper.


Protocol On How To Properly Take NMN


Somebody takes NMN and doesn’t see any effect after a month of taking it so he stops and says it’s not working. Huge mistake. It just needs to be taken properly. Not just with water or some other liquid you like. I will reveal my (not really mine but…) protocol of taking it right here. Here it is:


  1. Take NMN about 1g (but a heavier person needs 1.5 or even 2g) and dissolve it in fatty yogurt or extra virgin olive oil. I do that this way but you can use any fat you like. These I mentioned are the best in my opinion. I get my NMN with my 10% discount code which is PLUSFORTY here
  2. Add Quercetin to the mix. It helps to clear senescence cells and absorption of Resveratol (feel free to add Resveratrol to the mix as well if you want but I didn’t find it’s working). I do Quercetin for NMN as well and it does seem it works as well. I get my Quercetin with my 10% discount code which is PLUSFORTY here
  3. Let all of this dissolve for a couple of minutes.
  4. Take it in the morning time. Up to 11 o’clock is the best time for taking it to inhibit CD38 (trust me, you don’t want this enzyme to be elevated).
  5. Take TMG with that mix to be sure your methyl group will be not depleted. I get my TMG with my 10% discount code which is PLUSFORTY here.


This is my protocol for taking my NMN but feel free to check others to create your one. It does work for me but that doesn’t mean it gonna work for you as well. Check this guy.


The Best Researcher of NMN



I have my knowledge from a professor at Harvard medical school David Sinclair. He is a leading researcher in the field of SIRT1 and NMN/NAD/Resveratol. You have to definitely check his research out if you are interested in lifespan and longevity, if you are interested in NMN. He is the best person to explain everything. I really like the research and definitely recommend checking it out. As I like to get a really comprehensive knowledge, I also study other resources and you should as well because it’s good to have information from different sources to compare them they are trustworthy or not. I believe this one is.

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