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24. 6. 2022

Where Can We Find Quercetin?


Was with you all your life, since the beginning of humanity as the matter of fact, in our kitchen. Do you wanna know where you can find it? OK, here it is. Onion. Yes, onion, raw yellow chilly pepper, and cappers. Isn’t it interesting? To get a proper, functional daily amount of it is catch 22. We need to eat a tremendous amount of onion to get it and that’s why supplements (or better say adjuvants) come on the scene.

Quercetin is a natural flavonoid that the human body does not produce itself, but is found in a lot of colorful plants in small amounts. It’s a bioflavonoid that supports immune system health. It is a potent antioxidant that can activate sirtuins (mostly SIRT3), increase Resveratrol (another sirtuins activator, especially SIRT1) efficiency, reduce senescent cells and support healthy cholesterol. It also decreases histamine release.

This is a general definition of it but I do that just and only for one reason. It’s for reducing senescent cells. Yes, zombie cells. these cells are old and not properly working anymore, they cause damage to the tissue, and that can lead to multiple health issues including cancer.


Why I Take Quercetin


There is a huge controversy out there about whether is Quercetin really doing its job or not but I think it is and I take it regularly but not in recommended dosage. I do less. About a half of a recommendation and not every day. I do also prolonged fasting and that’s on its own is zombie cells remover. Thru autophagy. Even some zombie cells are important for our body and it’s not good to remove all of them, and who is gonna decide which ones are good and which are not? I don’t know and that’s why I don’t wanna overdo that.

There is a lot to say about Quercetin. It’s good for


  • Mitochondria/antioxidant
  • AMPK activation
  • Proteasome activation
  • Anti-inflammation


…but it’s not very interesting as I already said about that goodie or as I wanna say now.




If u are a Resveratol taker don’t take it with Quercetin altogether. Quercetin inhibits the enzyme (CYP3A4) that metabolizes substances in the liver. That means, it’s possible Quercetin can affect Resveratol’s (and some medications as well as the matter of fact) absorption. That applies especially to the PQQ supplement (supporting mitochondria) as well.


Where You Can Get the Purest Quercetin?


I get my Quercetin which is the cheapest one with such high purity (no heavy metals) with my 10% discount code which is PLUSFORTY here. There is also another benefit to ordering here. When I change a currency I will get my delivery without VAT wherever in the world I live. For example, when I change the currency to Euro because I live in the EU, my order will come from the European branch of the DoNotAge company, and no VAT needs to be paid. The same with the US, the UK, and Australia. Isn’t it great?

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