Collagen: What to combine with for the best results

Written by peter

15. 3. 2021



Everybody knows we need Collagen but Collagen is a big, bulky molecule and that’s why is hard to absorb for us or we can get a better effect by combining it with some other products. So why not help it, right? Such products are:

  • Hydrolyzed Collagen peptides
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • C-complex
  • Warm caffeine drink
  • Glucosamine


Hydrolized Collagen peptides


Just hydrolyzed collagen peptides. Not hydrolyzed and not in peptides form of Collagen is simply said, not working. If you can get your hands on PEPTANS even better. I use peptan type II. for my joints. I will explain what peptan is in another article but in the nutshell, it is something like collage extract so you need less of it with better effect and better targeting of your desired area, in my case joints.


Hyaluronic acid


is very good for the skin as well, as women can know that from many beauty products for skin and that’s why is very good to combine them together to enhance the effect of Collagenon our skin. I would suggest 200mg.




Another good combination is with high dosages of C-complex. Such a C-complex is from Acerola cherry or Camu-Camu and you can enhance it by adding a high dosage of Ascorbic acid to the mix. C vitamin makes absorption of Collagen molecule way more than anything else.


Caffeine drink


Not just coffee but also green and Matcha tea contain a good amount of caffeine. In the warm state the absorption of collagen increases.




Somebody uses the mix also with Glucosamine. I think it is not so necessary but feel free to add it if u wish.

If you mix all of that, you will get a deadly combination for absorbing the water of life into your skin or joints.




This point is the most important advice. DON’T COMBINE THAT MIX (OR JUST A COLLAGEN ON ITS OWN) WITH CARBS! Carbs like to stick with collagen very much! They make collagen tough, and sticky, causing more damage than good. That’s why our skin has wrinkles and is dry and can break easily. Also, sometimes, you can see thru your skin. It’s very fragile. When you combine your carbs and mix what I suggested to you, carbs blind the effect of C vitamin, collagen, etc., by sticking with collagen and making such a solution as you can see when you caramelize a sugar. This solution is not helping you but does exactly the opposite. It blocks your arteries and causes cardiovascular problems as well as smoking. Stop smoking. That is a huge contributor to collagen degradation.


Suggested use


Drink your Collagen or my suggested mix first thing in the morning on a fasted state and wait for some hour or two (if you can) and then eat your carby meal. Let the Collagen fully absorb. Collagen is not a complete protein and in the fasted state is digested very fast. You can do that also as a pre-workout if you work out in the morning. If your meal is ketogenic, feel free to combine it with your fats and proteins. No harm will be done but you have to wait with your meal a minimum of 30 minutes after your Collagen mix for better absorption and let no other protein amino acids compete with it for the absorption. The body has to disintegrate collagen (protein) first and then combine it back again. When you combine collagen with other amino acids the body can build some other protein, not necessarily collagen. So no other protein or amino acids with collagen.




Also, drink a lot of bone broth from whatever bones and skins you can get your hands on. Bone broth has a lot of amino acid Glycine which is also good for getting rid of homocysteine (another story) but also contributes to the collagen (of course). There is also minerals contribution. For hair loss is good to combine:

  • Zink
  • GHK Cu in combination with C60 (topically)
  • Trace minerals
  • NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine)

with a mix that I mentioned but without good bile (gallbladder) you will get a very small outcome from that. I didn’t mention biotin. I don’t know anything about that but feel free to add it into your protocol. Can’t hurt, right? Also, there are studies out there that collagen type I. and III. is for hair and skin, type II. for joints, and so on. They suggest you have to eat that particular type depends what you wanna achieve. I think that is true just to some degree.


Quality matters


If you have hormonally cured bones then the effect (in some cases) can be actually the exact opposite. Hair can be actually reduced, even more, joints more painful, skin worse. That’s why I always recommend organic or as close as possible. Now you can see it’s not easy to reverse hair thinning. I hope I helped you but don’t expect results in a few days. It is gonna take some time to reverse what you wanna reverse. If you don’t change your diet to a healthier one my protocol does help you just a little bit or not at all. To wrap it up I wanna mention one more thing. The quality of your diet is the quality of your collagen and that is the quality of your life, especially after 40. Eat a lot more protein than is commonly suggested. We lose our ability to efficient absorbing protein after 40 and that’s why we need to include more of it into our diet. They say high protein is detrimental to our kidneys but that is not true. Feel free to eat more, good quality meat. See you next time.

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