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Written by peter

15. 7. 2021

Hi there! This is the first product that I started to affiliate with. Why? It’s the best that I tried in a Curcumin anti-inflammatory world and this one actually works. I can’t stress enough how important is to realize that. Many products out there are simply not working. You can’t feel a difference even after a few months of using them. I decided to promote this one because I am amazed at how it works. It’s magic if u ask me! I see what you think “Another bias, another guy that wanna pitch me” and you are right with pitching you because this one really works. I decided to promote just good and really helpful products (That is probably not good for big money-making businesses, right?). This one is my best. Trust me when I tell you I tried quite a few Curcumin products (and I always tried the best of the best on the market) but none of them was helpful/just a little bit.




You can see why is hard to absorb Curcumin in my blog post here. When I purchased this one I was skeptical as you might be now. I didn’t expect anything, I just wanted to try it. What could I lose, right? If it will works, great! If not, I will never buy it again. What a surprise I saw the effect in 2-3 days (they claim first effects in 30 days). I am pretty healthy so might be that reason but I would say 2 weeks and you will see a huge change. 30 days is just an overstatement but let me get back to my story.


My story


How those effects showed up on me, you might ask? First and foremost I wanna tell you, I exercise a lot. I try to build muscles so I exercise hard and even after it I live a pretty active life. I work for 12 hours 3-4 times a week, I go here and there on my feet because I don’t own a car, I’m constantly on the move. The only time when I relax is in the bed when I start watching a movie before sleep which I don’t finish many times. I’m constantly doing something and this is it. Inflammation. The cause of all civilization diseases and aging. Two days after I started to use CoreCumin PRO BiAloe I had a leg day. You know what is that means, right? The next day, or the day after the next day, is soreness on a such scale that I can’t sit down properly. U know that feeling. Not after CoreCumin PRO BiAloe. I had a couple of leg days afterward and each of them I increased volume, more weights, and I changed to different and more difficult exercises to see where I can go up to.




Just a fact that I was able to increase lifting weights is good enough on its own but that magic didn’t stop there. Just recently I went on my legs really hard-core that I hadn’t for years. I felt soreness but not as before. Not at all. I could squat, sit, walk, I could do everything just slower and more cautiously. Good with me! Overall strength increased and soreness decreased. Isn’t it good enough? Like I said. A little magic.




A possible downside for me is the price. I’m from Ireland and delivery costs a fortune hand in hand with custom charge. At least I don’t need to worry about product degradation during delivery. It is not fat but water-soluble because those finest nano-cumin-particles in purified water are sent in the MIRON violet glass to protect everything inside from UV solar radiation. So, this is my story of how CoreCumin PRO BiAloe helped me and still helping me. I don’t gonna stop using it. I can stop using every supplement that I have but not this one!


More goodies


There is one more Curcumin that is at the same level as CoreCumin PRO BiAloe. That is CoreCumin PRO Hydrolyzed Rice Bran but it’s more pricey. It has different benefits though. I used both and both are great. I do rotate them to get benefits of both. I also need those hundreds of phytochemicals to improve my immune defense by enhancing the capacity of natural killer cells (T-cels) which CoreCumin PRO Hydrolyzed Rice Bran provides so give or take it I will keep doing that. And what about you? Do you wanna enhance your strength, health, overall energy, and lifespan?

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