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3. 4. 2021

Humanity knows Curcumin for thousands of years. As a matter of fact, we know this substance for over five thousand years actually. I think even longer but… This actually makes me sure we use supplements and adjuvants since the beginning of humanity and it’s not just a new fashion of our century. Sanskrit has for this substance fifty-three different names. It is a key ingredient in many dishes all over Asia. They use it as a spice and many of them may be don’t even know how potent antioxidants and the antiinflammatory warrior they eat on the daily basis. Most of it is grown in India but they also consume 80% of it so you can imagine why is so expensive in large quantities. What is exactly Curcumin? It’s one of the active molecules of the well-known root Turmeric so it comes from the Ginger family. There is just 3-5% of Curcumin in Tueric so for a little goodness you need a lot of roots. I touched on a few benefits of Curcumin earlier but here are another few. It’s proven Curcumin can reduce the incidence of cancer, it can improve cognition, and delays brain diseases. It reduces full-body inflammation and can even reduce the amount of lipofuscin in cells.




So as you can see our magical adjuvant has vide variety of healing properties but it doesn’t stop there. It also acts as antimicrobial means it’s antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, and even antimalarial. The agent has proven to be active against such bacteria strains as Staph Aureus, Klebsiella Pneumonia, Staph Epidermis, E. Coli, Listeria Monocytogenes, and Helicobacter pylori. Curcumin is also synergistic with a variety of antibiotics including tetracycline, vancomycin, ampicillin, and cefixime so that’s why the dose of more toxic antibiotics can be decreased if we use Curcumin. What about viruses? There is very solid evidence that Curcumin has anti-influenza activity, works against human papillomavirus Coxsackie virus, and even exhibits some anti-HIV activity.




It is almost unbelievable our perfect adjuvant is not flawless. Standard Curcumin is lipid-soluble and that’s why not absorbed very well into the body but when it’s already there we have another big problem. It is rapidly metabolized and quickly eliminated. We just can’t consume enough to get maximum benefits or even good enough. Standard Curcumin blood levels peak at two hours but are gone by 4.5, giving it 2.6 hours of half-life. Researchers worked very hard on those problems and in very few cases they have been partially successful. My advice is to take Curcumin a few times with olive oil or fatty meal if you wanna do powder. Many brands use BioPerine to increase bioavailability. The truth is, in this case, there is not so much benefit from it, and BioPerine can upset the stomach easily. If you wanna take Curcumin in form of pills, capsules, etc., you have to find a very good brand with a very good formula. Almost all brands on the market have helpless supplements and you can’t get anything from their formula. Just a waste of money. Don’t worry about hurting yourself though. Curcumin was consumed for millennia so we know there is no danger here and you don’t gonna use huge quantities, right? If you wanna do that anyway so be prepared for side effects like diarrhea, headache, a rash, and yellow stool but nothing major or life-threatening. This is it from my point of view on Curcumin. It’s one of my favorite ones and I use it on a daily basis so u can imagine how much I love it. See you next time.

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