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23. 7. 2021

I use this product on the daily basis (as all of them haha) because it is so necessary that you can’t even imagine. Don’t worry many people don’t have an idea. Long story even longer I start to research that one and I was amazed. Everybody is B1 deficient.




I have to explain what B1 actually is and what it does. How necessary is and why do we need it in larger quantities than FDA and others recommend.




plays essential roles in the breakdown of glucose and fatty acids for energy, in the metabolism of amino acids, and in maintaining a healthy antioxidant system. Thiamine is especially important for the health of the brain and nervous system, where it maintains energy production, neurotransmitter balance, and nerve cell function. B1 also works on adrenals. To be deficient in B1 means to be more stressed and never calm down. I did B1 before and in high amounts but all of them have a very low bioavailability but not this one.




This molecule (TTFD) can penetrate even the blood-brain barrier and works straight in the brain and increase thiamin level in the central nervous system, where it may be used to support optimal cognition and maintain autonomic nervous system function. Because it’s so bioavailable we need less of it.


How THIAMAX helped me


Like I mentioned before I did, and I still do, other B1 supplements but I was actually always wired and even a little thing could get me over the edge. Since I started to use Thiamax I was calmer and calmer and my mental clarity was better. I think because I can metabolize, even that little glucose that I eat, better (I also do carb refeeding days here and there to build muscles so…). Thiamax also contains magnesium Taurate for better usage of Thiamine by a cell. My mind is sharper, I am calmer, and even a disciplinary meeting couldn’t mess me up (HAHA). I am a better me! 

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