What’s the story about Sulforaphane

Written by peter

16. 3. 2021

Today I wanna talk about such a supplement that is coming mostly from broccoli sprouts. It is really well known in these days but was discovered just recently. First thougths were it is one of the best DNA alterations, free radicals scavenger, etc. Let see what scientists thought about that substance think.

The story of Sulforaphane started in 90s. Dr. Tony Talalay, at the Laboratory for Molecular Pharmacology at the Hopkins University School of Medicine, discovered the health-promoting properties of that substance. Discovered it prevents cancer. Huge, right? Those studies were done on mice so nobody knew what will be impact on the human body. Turned out Sulforaphane is very unstable molecule. Till u get it in supplements it’s already destroyed and actually can hurt you. Later was made discovery. Sulforaphane is made by Glucoraphanin mixed with enzyme called Myrosinase by chewing, let say broccoli sprouts, and mixing them together. Some scientists claiming Just Glucoraphanis is enough and our gut bacteria make Myrosinase, mix them together, and create Sulforaphane.

This way or another this is only way how to not destroy Sulforaphane and have it absolutely fresh because ti’s compounds are stable when they are not mixed together. Scientists discovered a lot of amazing properties of Sulforaphane. Just to have bigger picture I will mention a few of them but don’t wary, I will not explain all of them. It would be too scientific but if you wanna know that deeper, feel free to ask me in comments.

So, here they are: 

1. Inhibits histone deacetylase, thus enhancing global histone acetylation

2. Inhibits DNA methyltransferases

3. Regulates micro RNA (and I know a shit about that so don’t ask me :-D)


It is also good for Mitichondria energie, good for Autophagy, yada-yada-yada. You got the picture.

All of those good things actually from a plant poison. Yes, you heart me right, plant poison. This is actually plant protection against to be eaten. Plants were never able to run away or to fight back their predators, plant eaters, so they developed poison protection to not be eaten or, at least, to not be eaten entirely.

And here we are. Here is problem what bothers me. We are humans and our digestive tract is not made to digest and brake down plants or brake down their poisons. I know! A lot of vegetarians and vegans would argue with me strongly but this is my blog and my opinion. If you want me to do content about why we are not able to digest veggies just tell me.

Mice, in the other way, are able to digest plants. Their diet is mostly plant based (even with this you can argue with me) and that’s why studies could be showing very good results on them. But what about humans?

Newest studies show SFN is helping to fight cancer or other diseases but to hurt healthy body or to have no impact at all

Sulforaphane Inhibits Inflammatory Responses of Primary Human T-Cells by Increasing ROS and Depleting Glutathione


This a title and link of study and conclusion where u can make your own decision to take or live SFN after you reed it. In the end there is my opinion here. Research is still in diapers. That link, what I showed you, seems to be legit and put me back with taking SFM or eating that kind of veggies.

Do I stop eating my broccoli sprouts entirely? No! I will reduce intake, that for sure, but I love them mixed with all different kind of oils and that counts as well. It is all about quality of life as well, don’t you think? But yeah, I will do that just here and there. Definitely not on daily bases. And what about you?

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