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4. 4. 2021

Many of the agents that I mentioned before have encountered repertoire! They can scavenge free radicals and act as antioxidants, repair your DNA, get rid of senescent cells, and others. Pyridoxamine is none of those. It is one of those specialized agents to fight AGE. What is AGE actually? It’s short for Advanced Glycation End product made by sugar (glucose, fructose, etc) by sticking protein, fat, pieces of genetic material, etc., onto molecule under oxidative, stressful condition. Pyridoxamine one is part of the B6 family, together with pyridoxal and pyridoxine, but it is the only one that has the gift of AGE inhibition. We have this substance in our body but In a low quantity. How it works in our body is a little bit complex but in a nutshell, Pyridoxamine prevents the formation of AGE and it’s very helpful for diabetics. Studies have shown that it can reduce kidney and retina damage, and even reduce AGE accumulation in the skin of diabetic animals. As a matter of fact, this agent can protect all our organs. This can also help to protect your skin and the elasticity of vascular walls by preventing collagen AGE formation.

Drive home message? Studies discovered that if we combine anti-inflammatory medication and Pyridoxamine we can reduce or prevent many debilitating and degenerative changes in cases of damaged bones, spine discs, etc. Our agent has not a wide range of variety but it is the best in what it does in my humble opinion. This agent helps us clean the oven (cells) to prevent them from becoming senescent or death and that is really something. At the end of the day, it helps us to spend more time on the planet Earth. We didn’t touch on dosages now. Studies say different. Some say 50mg twice a day, some 250mg twice a day. I, personally, do 200mg once a day when I’m eating, not on fasting days, low carb (low sugar) died, and other anti- AGE clothing supplements or adjuvants. I do everything that I can to avoid AGE even to prepare my food ways to create as little AGE as possible. So, I hope you realized how important this agent is and I also hope you spent a nice, full of education time with me. See you next time.

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