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17. 5. 2021

I’m back again to help you with how to better care about your skin with. I’m definitely sure you noticed your skin has more wrinkles, fine lines, sags under the eyes with aging (ladies are special sensitive for that). Everybody thinks it’s because of collagen absorption and its depletion from the skin by aging and it’s true but it’s just a small part of the equation. Our most important agent is




Collagen can be stretched just around 15% but Elastin up to 200%. That is something, right? We need our skin to be as much elastic as possible. We lose elasticity by age as I mention before but also because of other factors.



  • Sun
  • Pollution
  • Bad diet (high carb)
  • Smoking
  • Stress

I just mentioned a few of them but most important. That doesn’t really matter. What matters is how to fight it back, right???

  1. Retinol, a derivate of vit A (can help just topically) but good bioavailable vitamin A from inside is better but the best is a combination of both
  2. 200mg of Hyaluronic acid (or a combination of both)
  3. Glycolic or lactic acid as a skin pealing (topical)
  4. Vitamin C and E (I don’t recommend taking vitamin E supplements to people after 40, food is fine)
  5. Zink food-based supplements
  6. Aloe vera, cucumber, green tea (EGCG), ginseng, Ceylon cinnamon (topical but also internal use)
  7. Exercise but more important rolling roller foam thru your skin to get blood to come into your fascia that requires to brig blood there mechanically
  8. Hot pepper (chili) brings blood everywhere with its nutrition
  9. Hydrolyzed collagen peptides type I and III but the best is Peptan type I and III
  10. Astaxanthin 4mg (12mg for hard exercise person)
  11. Carnosine 1000mg (this one is good for everything) topical but also internal use
  12. STOP SMOKING!!! I know it is obvious but…



Take everything, that I mentioned for internal use, without anything else! Take it on empty stomach! The best option is first thing in the morning and even better after morning exercise with warm black coffee. I know, not everybody can do such a crazy protocol but, at least, do as close as you can to that. You will see great improvement pretty soon. What foods do I recommend to replenish Elastin? First of all fatty fish, shellfish, some fatty nuts, citrus fruits, berries, bone broth (good for both elastin and collagen). Eat them later, at least half an hour after my protocol I hope you will like my protocol and I also hope you will come back here to find other good advice and life-saving information.

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