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30. 3. 2021

Hi there, my friend. Do you know such a supplement called Carnosine? If not then you are on the right page. L-Carnosine is a dipeptide that our body can make from two simple amino acids L-Histidine and β-Alanine. They say it’s like magic and is necessary for longevity and healthy living. Like I said before our body can make it but by aging our body make it less and less but we need it more and more. It’s not fair, right? One more unfairness, women have a lot less of it than men. Carnosine was discovered by Russian scientists Gulewitch in 1900 but there was non or very little research in this area. The real breakdown was made just in 1994 by Australian scientists Mc Farland and Holliday. They put senescent cells (old, damaged, but still functioning cells) into a Carnosine bath and they very quickly rejuvenated. They were younger and they act like younger. When Carnosine was removed they became old again but when was introduced again they became young again. They lived longer almost 300% than normal, regular cells. Cells stop dividing after a certain time, after a certain number of divisions, but after Crnosine they divided around 25% more. Miracle!!!

Carnosine molecule

Throughout the animal kingdom, there are a few forms or variations of it. They are slightly different analogs closely related to Carnosine are Anserine and Ophidian. Anserine was identified in goose and chicken muscles, Ophidian in snakes, while the same molecule is in whales. Almost all animals have at least two of those molecules in their muscles, the pig and buffalo have all three, but human, for some reason, has just one. Marlin and salmon have the most of it as a matter of quantity. We have just 1% of it in our brain and vegetarians have around 20% less, or even more, than omnivores in overall quantity in the body. Really high amount of Carnosine is in chicken, turkey, and tuna. Obviously healing aspect of chicken soup is not a myth considering Carnosine, right? The level of Carnosine depends also on our Testosterone level, age, exercise, etc. If u wanna know something more about that magic focus on Russian research. They are number one in that now. There are many aspects of benefits of Carnosine on our body. I will mention just a few of them: Telomeric stability


Free radicals scavenging


AGE (advanced glycation end product) reduction


Carnosine is amazing in wound healing, has a protectant effect on brain neurons, skin protection, rejuvenation, and, my favorite, eye healing!!! I am not getting to bother you with too much science, so let’s say our eye lenses function normally when we are young (No brainer, right?) but over time proteins in the lens fail, they get stiff, and develop presbyopia (inability to focus up close). The lens can also develop Cataracts. A discovery was made, by Russians hypnotized by Carnosine, with a slightly modified form, N-Acetyl Carnosine, which can be delivered via eyedrops straight to the eye lens and not just heal cataracts but also prevent it! Isn’t it really “My god!!!” magic? For me definitely is!!!

There is the downside of supplementing Carnosine though! Our body is breaking down Carnosine to our well-known amino acids L-Histidine and β-Alanine. The body doesn’t necessarily build Carnosine from those amino acids back. Body use them where it needs, especially, when we eat protein or drink amino acid beverage. Amino acids always compete with each other and mostly Carnosine doesn’t win. Maybe that is the reason why we don’t have a sufficient amount of it. So what do I do about it?! I eat straight Carnosine when I don’t eat protein or any other amino acids or I drink a mix of L-Histidine and β-Alanine to force my body to combine them into Carnosine. Of course, my body will not do that 100% but there is a better chance to make more of it than with protein intake. I also use eye drops but they are enzymatic and that’s why heat sensitive so I store them in a fridge. There is another option out there that avoids body Carnosine breaking. It is a topical Carnosine lubricant. Bodybuilders apply it to the muscles after working out and it sinks into the muscles thru the skin really quickly. I am considering trying it but, let me tell you, it is very expensive right now so… I hope u get something from my explanation and help you to understand what Carnosine is and its pluses and minuses. See you next time.

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