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7. 8. 2021

If you didn’t live under the rock the last few years then you have to know what blue light blockers are. Yes, they are glasses or goggles that protect us from artificial blue light spectrum created by our home light what we use when the sun is not shining on us anymore every evening, somebody even at night. Why is it so important? Let me explain it a little bit.




We need blue light in our full spectrum light eye exposure all day long (or maybe not so long) but just during a day, for our body’s proper circadian rhythm. What is the circadian rhythm you may ask, right?


The Circadian Rhythm


That rhythm of our body determines when to sleep and when to be awakened. It determines what hormones and when to be produced by our glands depending on what time of day is. Something like biological clocks. When we break that cycle our body is confused and those biological clocks start to send mixed signals to our glands, glands start to produce wrong hormones at the wrong time, and we can’t sleep in the night but during a day we are like zombies with never empty pots of coffee in our hands. When we don’t sleep at night properly our recovery is not happening and another hormone, Melatonin, is not produced in our brain (Pineal gland).




Just in the nutshell, Melatonin is one of our best endogenous antioxidants, cancer fighter, it helps put us into sleep, it’s a rejuvenation hormone, and also a fat-burning hormone. I definitely didn’t mention all benefits of this extraordinary hormone but this article is not about it, right? When we confuse our biological clocks with blue light that not suppose to be in the evening or nighttime penetrating our eyes we prolonge a day and our gland produce a hormone called Cortisol instead of Melatonin.




Is produced in adrenals, little glands on the top of our kidneys. This hormone is supposed to be elevated in the morning, to wake us up, or when we face up some danger (it’s a stress hormone), not in the evening or night. We are supposed to calm down Cortisol during the day and create a space for Melatonin. When Cortisol is elevated we can’t sleep, we gain weight (weight gaining hormone), no rest and rejuvenation, stress. Everithing because of artificial blue light.


How to bio-hack blue light?


I am not naive. There is no way to live our lives like hundreds of years ago today. We will use our home lights this way or another so why not bio-hack that blue light by Blue light blocker goggles from DoNotAge company that blocks 99% of our home-produced blue light. That’s a very good compromise to fix our circadian rhythm but also live our normal today lives.




Don’t get me wrong! We need blue light for a good circadian rhythm but during the day. That’s why I don’t recommend wearing Blue light blocker goggles during the day. Not at all. Also, blue light is just one of the reasons for bad sleep but a very important one. Sleeping in a pitch-black room without any electronic devices is another but still just one of the bio-hacks on how to improve your sleep. I can just tell you how Blue light blocker goggles affected me.


How Blue light blocker goggles helped me


I have never been skeptical of such goggles I was just never attracted so much. When I was ordering my supplements I never put Blue light blocker goggles to the basket. I am always struggling with fractionated sleep, I have one to a few breaks during the night, so my rejuvenation is really not on the high level. When I watch a movie in the evening on my laptop my eyes are pulled, they hurt me but after I turn my laptop off I can’t sleep. Just recently I decided (eventually) to order Blue light blocker goggles and try what all others talking about. It was insane! Straight after I put them on my eyes I felt the difference. No hurting, no pulling, no tears from my eyes. Even when they wouldn’t work on blue light I would be satisfied but they did. I think so, at least, because I sleep a lot better since I wear them, and when you order Blue light blocker goggles and when you use my special code, which is, guess what, PLUSFORTY in the check-in you will get a 5% discount. So I don’t know like you but such benefits for such a price is absolutely no brainer for me.

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