Why we gain weight faster after 40

Written by peter

16. 3. 2021

Why do we need to eat as clean as possible?

Our bodies are attacked by thousands of chemicals on daily basis. Skin, internal organs, our air passages all our bodies. For instance, shaving and another toilet, cleaning, beauty, etc preparations, as well as pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and I’m not talking about the smoking, car, and factory manufactured gasses and chemicals, etc.

Chemicals penetrate our bodies and their particles start slowly occupy cell hormone receptors. Especially dangerous are glyphosates and GMO food and chemicals. Their pollutants are so similar to our hormones that they stuck in cell hormone receptors and our hormones can’t penetrate cells to feed them or just communicate with them.

Without communication, our glands start to produce more and more unnecessary hormones, without penetrating cells hormones can’t feed cells, then they have no other choice than to store the food that meant to be cells nourishment, and guess what? YES! We get fat around a midsection. Prety complicated hah?! It is just one of the reasons why we gain weight faster after 40 but definitely one of the main ones.

Or what do u think?

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