Why we can’t lose body weight after 40

Written by peter

16. 3. 2021

Have u ever be wondering why u can’t lose body weight after 40? Before u could eat everything and stay lean but now u can gain weight even from a glass of water. What is changed? Where is that catch?

So let me tell u it’s in your hormonal change, including men!I have struggled to understand it as well but then I found the Healthy KETO&IF and I also combine it with prolong fasting. It is a game-changer for me but to better understanding what the Healthy KETO is take my explanation. The first Ketogenic diet was made to heal kids’ epilepsy. There was nothing there except a proper ratio of fat and protein. Nothing else, even those fats were unhealthy.

A healthy Ketogenic diet includes also healthy carbs from some vegetables and a little bit from some fruits. There is also a needs to eat as clean as possible in the sense of hormonal disruptors that completely mess up hormones in the body but about that rabbit hole next time.

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