Why is fructose worse than glucose?

Written by peter

16. 3. 2021

Our body can utilize and store glucose in the liver but also in muscle cells as well. Fructose can be processed by the liver only. We have not big storage for carbs in our body but in the case of fructose storage is even smaller. Fructose also causes liver cirrhosis. We are not adjusted to metabolize fructose or at least not a lot of it.

Thousands and thousands of years ago we didn’t have a lot of fruits on an everyday basis. Fruits were seasonal, different, and with a lot less fructose content than now. And that’s why we adjust to that as a human species. Not like today when fruits are in every store 24/7/365.

We cross-breed them to make them:

  • juicier,
  • sweeter,
  • bigger etc.

Now we pay a debt. The liver can’t process and store a lot and that overspill insulin changes to fat and store… u know where. That’s why try to avoid a lot of fruits, eat them seasonally, and eat just low sugar content and low glycemic index fruits.

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