Is Kale good or bad for us?

Written by peter

18. 5. 2021

Oxalic acid and Thallium


Kale is one of the cruciferous vegetables. Has a lot of nutrients, especially potassium. When a little bit steamed or boiled releases a lot of beta carotenes that are cancer fighters and cancer preventers, one word, antioxidants. A raw state has also a decent amount of vitamin C. That is incredible! Looks like a superfood. Don’t you think? It has its downside as well though! Did you know that even pigs and horses spill it out and don’t wanna eat it? It’s high in oxalic acid and that’s bad for kidneys (stone making), it shreds your guts and very high in Thallium Very bad for us!!! Again. Did u know that when we take the lead from gasoline we replace it with Thallium which is 1000x more toxic? Unbelievable. Many people who like Kale are high in Thallium. Doctors see it in their patient’s blood tests.


Kale differentiation



There are a few types of Kale. Some of them are eatable, some of them are grown just for ornamental purposes. Very brief differentiation:

  • Curly Kale
  • Lacinato Kale (Dinosaur Kale, Tuscan Kale,Cavolo Nero)
  • Ornamental (Salad Savoy)
  • Red Russian (Ragged Jack)
  • Chuinese Kale (Chinese Broccoli, Kailaan, or Gai Lan)
  • Syberian Kale
  • Redbor Kale





I have some partial solutions to how to prepare Kale to have not such a detrimental effect on us for Kale lovers though. Cook (boil) Kale in water ( it’s gonna pull off ⅓-½ of oxalic acid and maybe some Thallium especially when you gonna use distilled water), when you add baking soda, or calcium carbonate, or potassium bicarbonate to water when you cook it is gonna precipitate tiny chrystals of oxalic acid (the best is potassium bicarbonate). Never use the water. Spill it out. If you like raw Kale eat baking soda with it and those chrystals are gonna be made in your stomach and not entering your blood but who is gonna do that, right? So, my friend, this is my opinion on Kale based on science, research, the everyday battle of healthcare practitioners in the first trenches of the battlefield, and my own experience. I have to say I feel a lot better when I don’t eat Kale than before. Take it or leave it but I had to say A but also B if you understand. Do your own research on this topic and make your own decision. I just gave you something to think about

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