Introduction to KETOgenic diet

Written by peter

23. 3. 2021

Hi, my friend! I wanna introduce the KETO diet and explain it as much as I can to you. I think you will need it on your journey to seek health. But first thing first, right? There are many diets out there but one of them resonates with me the most. It’s the Ketogenic diet shortly KETO. Why KETO? KETO diet is based on changing the primary fuel of the body from carbohydrates to fat. It’s high fat, moderate protein, and low carb diet.


Atkins diet


The first one, the Atkins diet, was created over a hundred years ago to cure child epilepsy and it worked and still works like a magic. There were allowed just fats and protein though. Back then people didn’t know about the bad impact of trans (hydrogenated) fats on our health, also, there were no genetically modified grains to feed animals, or hormonal therapy, antibiotics, etc, which have a huge impact on our health so that diet needed change. That diet doesn’t differentiate between plant-based or animal fats or also uses proteins other than animals. There are many modifications to that diet but what I wanna teach you here is to use your own brain and judgment.


Healthy Ketogenic diet


Another one is, what I use to call, the Healthy Ketogenic diet. This one includes some leafy green vegetables, nuts and seeds, and also some small amount of fruits in it as sours of healthy carbohydrates to not let our body make glucose (gluco-neo-genesis) of its own dietary protein (I will explain later) and as a source of vitamins, minerals, and Chlorophyll. I started with this diet and helped me to heal, understand, and make another move towards my goal which is health and longevity.


Ketovore diet


This diet is a deviation from the Carnivore and Ketogenic diet. Do u remember when I said, I will explain it later? So here it is. Later, in the 20th century, when research and skills were more advanced, scholars and health practitioners find out some parts of our body need glucose to run. For example our red blood cells, around 30% of the brain, retina, etc. That was a problem because the Atkins diet was based just on fats and proteins. Somebody says, later in the curing process, are some carbs allowed (probably because of our needs for them) but I don’t know anything about that. Until another discovery was made. Our body can make glucose from protein and even from fat to some degree. Waw!!! that is something! So we don’t need any carbohydrates! Our body can make it!!! That’s why there are just essential amino or fatty acids out there. Did u hear about essential carbohydrates? I didn’t. It’s a very inefficient way how to get glucose though. This process costs the body a lot of energy. Roughly 1/3 of calorie intake. Let’s say if 1g of protein has 4 calories 1 ( or over 1) is going to be a waste on the transformation. It is a survival option for our body but some people use it as a healing process to heal our body from plant poisoning (Lectins, Goitres, Oxalates, Phytates, etc.) They eat just animal protein because of its high bioavailability of all nutrients in it and they don’t need to be in the state of ketosis necessarily. Those who have chosen to set their diet to get into ketosis for its hudge, hudge, benefits call their diet KETOVORE. It is a combination of both.

Now you know basic and if you wanna dig deeper there is more about that here, in my blog so feel free to check it out. I hope I helped you with the intro to this amazing KETO world. See you inside!

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