How to differentiate good or bad veggies for the KETO diet?

Written by peter

16. 3. 2021

Here are some tips!

Let me make something straight. Somebody can argue there are no bad veggies and fruits in nature. I disagree! All plants developed all different kind of poisons thru-out history. They can’t run away or fight back to preserve themselves so they developed poisons. Some of them more, some less but yeah. Poisons like Lectins, Goitrogens, Phytic acids, Oxalates, etc. We can get rid of some with proper preparation. But honestly, how many of us know and if, are willing to make such preparations? Anyway.

Generally, avoid fruits and veggies what they are high on the glycemic index and glycemic load and also high on the insulin index. I know it’s a lot! I didn’t make rules. Also, try to eat them seasonally. Same way as our forefather’s did. Our bodies are adjusted to eating like this.

So generally, cruciferous veggies, garlic, onion, lemons, avocado, and some berries in moderation are OK but some of them need to be properly prepared to get rid of, as I said, those health detrimental compounds which make us sick, allergic, bloating, uncomfortable. There is a lot more to talk about this topic and it’s so interesting to me but this is enough for now and if u wanna know more, feel free to ask me in the comments.

See u next time!

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