Do we need carbohydrates?

Written by peter

16. 3. 2021

Here we are again digging deeper into the health improving.

There is a lot of arguing out there whether we need carbs or not. Our body loves KETONs. There is no doubt about that. But some parts of our bodies can run just and only on glucose. For example the retina (light-sensitive tissue in our eyes), around 30% of our brain, even our red blood cells. But do we need to ingest them?

The simple answer is NO. Why is that? I just told u we need glucose and at the same time I’m telling u we don’t need to eat carbs?! Am I crazy? Actually yes, I am but not in this case. Our body is so clever that is able to convert protein and also fat (in a small amount) into glucose. This process is called gluconeogenesisIt’s a very inefficient process but we can survive in that state very vel if we have enough protein and fat stored or in our dietary intake. But is it fun to not eat carbs? U need to find the answer to this question. There are healthy options for carbs out there, of course, the problem is the amount. Everybody is different and process carbs in different amounts. Real art is to know how much!? My suggestion is to measure KETON lvl in the blood constantly. And I will tell u how glucose damage our bodies next time.

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